10,000 Uses

10,000 Uses: Reckless Reveling

10,000 Uses #16

Week 16: Reckless Reveling It’s the holidays and you finally managed to organize a getting together of your family for a nice dinner. It’s just about eating time which also means time for your pre-serving ‘toast’. You elect to open the bottle not knowing it had been jostled in transport. At the [...]

10,000 Uses: Christmas tree

10,000 Uses #15

Week 15: Christmas Tree Tinkles As if the holiday season wasn’t already two parts insanity dissolved in three parts mayhem… now the dang Christmas tree stand is leaking?! Treacherous Taunenbaum! You’d better get the water up quick before the Pergo starts to swell! Grab any One Pass Waterblade to make short work [...]

10,000 Uses: Little Johnny

10,000 Uses #14

Week 14: Spiff up the spawn Welcome to week 14’s time saving tip and entry in the epic 10,000 Uses for Waterblades list. Once again we come to you from the well equipped home kitchen where last week we saw just how handy the One Pass Gel Blade can be when [...]

10,000 uses: meal time

10,000 Uses #13

Lucky Week 13: High Chair Hyjinks 10,000 Uses for Waterblades Home Edition It’s Thursday night and you know what that means don’t you?  Bourbon on the rocks of course, but it’s also time for another installment of our 10,000 Uses for Waterblades saga! Yes sir that’s a full 10k so we’re [...]

10,000 uses: New Pickup

10,000 Uses #12

Week 12: The F150 Tax Write Off This 10,000 Uses for Waterblades is devoted to your 2017 tax preparation. We’ll explain in a moment. Example: Let’s say you ran out and got yourself a brand spankin’ new Ford F150 because you fell in love with it and have no self control. It’s [...]

10,000 uses: Thanksgiving save

10,000 Uses #11

Week 11: A Turkey-Day Save Joining our epic 10,000 Uses for Waterblades list, this helpful tip goes out to all the hard working folk that put up the grits this Thanksgiving holiday. A day’s work for twelve and a half minutes of devoted devouring is no simple task… things can happen. For example, [...]

10,000 Uses: A big bummer

10,000 Uses #10

Week 10: A Tremendous Bummer This week’s tip hits way too close to home but we couldn’t pass up a unique opportunity for this creative update to our epic 10,000 Uses for Waterblades list. We are THAT dedicated! Let’s say you’re driving down the road in your beautiful 1961 Ford Falcon… [...]

10,000 Uses: Workbench

10,000 Uses #9

Week 9: A Work Bench Hero This week’s tip goes out to all the home improvers, hobbyists, machinists, and virtually anyone with a work bench. Ever try to wipe down your wood workbench with a shop towel? Yeah… doesn’t fare too well does it. Snags on the workbench surface and hardly [...]

SEMA 2017 Big Truck

10,000 Uses #8

Week 8:  Boys and their Really Big Toys This week’s entry comes from the amazing SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV. An incredible event with miles and miles of hot cars, cool parts and everything automotive. It’s a tremendous amount of hiking and really stressful… at least that’s what we told Mrs Chuck [...]

A Salsa Situation

10,000 Uses #7

Shop Blade for Kitchen Disasters Remember Food Fight?   Our intern/college-boy from week 3?  We’ve tasked him with populating the 10K list, but didn’t fully understand the depths he would stoop in pursuit of this goal. His nickname holds in this week’s tragic submission: “A Salsa Situation”. Food Fight, being the butterfingers [...]