10,000 Uses

10,000 Uses: Workbench

10,000 Uses #9

Week 9: A Work Bench Hero This week’s tip goes out to all the home improvers, hobbyists, machinists, and virtually anyone with a work bench. Ever try to wipe down your wood workbench with a shop towel? Yeah… doesn’t fare too well does it. Snags on the workbench surface and hardly [...]

SEMA 2017 Big Truck

10,000 Uses #8

Week 8:  Boys and their Really Big Toys This week’s entry comes from the amazing SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV. An incredible event with miles and miles of hot cars, cool parts and everything automotive. It’s a tremendous amount of hiking and really stressful… at least that’s what we told Mrs Chuck [...]

A Salsa Situation

10,000 Uses #7

Shop Blade for Kitchen Disasters Remember Food Fight?   Our intern/college-boy from week 3?  We’ve tasked him with populating the 10K list, but didn’t fully understand the depths he would stoop in pursuit of this goal. His nickname holds in this week’s tragic submission: “A Salsa Situation”. Food Fight, being the butterfingers [...]


10,000 Uses #6

Week 6: Horses & Show Livestock Another week and the Top Secret One Pass Creative Uses Team (TSOP-CUT for short) is charging bravely onward with a firm grasp of the blatantly obvious. Although the team is top-secret, this week’s featured Use is not as it’s been on our website for [...]

Pet Shedding Corgi

10,000 Uses #5

Wow, it is already Week Five and we haven’t even resorted to using the easy ones yet! This week we did a little thinking outside the (litter) box.. If you’re like most of us here at One Pass Waterblade, then you probably have a perpetually shedding fur beast coexisting with you. [...]


10,000 Uses #4

https://www.waterblade.com/us/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/CarWashingKid.mp4 Sooner or later we had to address the painfully obvious uses in this list. Considering the Waterblade was originally invented by Don Varner in the 90’s specifically for use on cars, this makes week #4 a little weak  in the creativity department (see what we did there?). To make up [...]


10,000 Uses #3

This recommendation comes from our very own Alex Ortega (aka “Food Fight”) who says Waterblades are perfect for sanitizing Class Room Desks. This makes a lot of sense, read on! Food Fight is a college boy so he’s likely seen more than a few hung-over young scholars nodding off and [...]


10,000 Uses #2

It seems fitting that we continue our epic 10,000 Uses journey with another Water Blade fan submission. After all, it’s the easiest way and we’ve got to pace ourselves creatively. 192 years is going to be a very long haul. For the history books, our second weekly entry comes from [...]


10,000 Uses #1, A Historic Day.

A Journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step they say. Today we begin our “10,000 uses for Waterblades” to be posted weekly starting this epic 14th of September, 2017. Today IS the 14th, right? 192.3 years from now the entire world will be watching as our children’s children (or [...]