10,000 Uses Week 68: Puppy Picasso

10,000 Uses Week 68: Puppy Picasso Your knee-high companion loves going on rides nearly as much as they hate seeing you leave for work. The excitement of seeing different sights and hearing all the sounds is too much to contain and the toe beans are going crazy on the tile. Paws [...]

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #63: Holiday Handful

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #63: Holiday Handful Tis the season as they say… You’re running around busier than a bee in May. Gifts for the ones you hold dear, for family both far and near. You’re list is made and surely checked twice. It doesn’t really matter who’s been naughty [...]

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #57: Toddler Troubles

10,000 Uses for Water Blades Week 57: Toddler Troubles Ed: We apologize for the delay. Our intern Food Fight, had to travel home fast this week after the Nor-Cal Camp Fire ignited dangerously close to his area. Needless to say he had his hands full. Even under duress, the young [...]

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #53: The Fur Factor

Week #53: The Fur Factor You’ve seen us talk on the use of Waterblades for upholstery before, specifically removing the excess pelt of your beloved fur beastly. Now riddle me this, what if you could de-shed your upholstery before actually having to? A preemptive strike of sorts? What do I mean by [...]

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #52: Goat!

Week 52: Goat! Honestly I never paid much mind to goat until I actually lived with some of the little beasties. They're actually quite fascinating creatures... and by "fascinating" what I mean is "Smelly, Bizarre, Filthy and Utterly Hilarious!"   So on this most auspicious of occasions (marking a full year's [...]

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #47: Daring Doggo

10,000 Uses Week 47: Puppers & Doggos & Interns (oh my!) Another submission from our ever so dedicated (and oft in need of cleaning supplies) intern Food Fight. Take it away kid... Summer is ending, school is around the corner, and we’re still somehow in the midst of moving in. It [...]

10,000 Uses #21

Week 21: Road Apples   Tired of Mucking Around? Our new Floor Blade  works out really well around the barn, in the stable and even inside the trailer. Handles anything you need it to either wet or dry in just One Pass (buh-dum-dum)! Seriously though, wood shavings, hay, dust, mud, butt nuggets... use [...]

10,000 Uses #6

Week 6: Horses & Show Livestock Another week and the Top Secret One Pass Creative Uses Team (TSOP-CUT for short) is charging bravely onward with a firm grasp of the blatantly obvious. Although the team is top-secret, this week's featured Use is not as it's been on our website for [...]

10,000 Uses #5

Wow, it is already Week Five and we haven't even resorted to using the easy ones yet! This week we did a little thinking outside the (litter) box.. If you're like most of us here at One Pass Waterblade, then you probably have a perpetually shedding fur beast coexisting with you. [...]

Horse Body Blade

Yes, it took us a ridiculous amount of time to get this product to market (we blame Chuck). We took one of our most popular models of waterblade, then consulted a few friends to make some key changes that make this the perfect tool for quickly getting wash water, sweat [...]