10,000 Uses #30

10,000 Uses: Lots of Nope

10,000 Uses #30

Week 30: A Whole Mess of Nope!

Remember this scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Here’s how it would have went down if it were me:

Porter: “Errr… I think there is something on my back.”

Me: “Nah, you’re fine, just some cobwebs.”

*shouted over my shoulder whilst running pell-mell from the cave forgetting all about archeological treasures*

Also Me: *Calls in air strike*

Fortunately our hero Indiana Jones doesn’t seem to mind arachnids large enough to grow their own fur coat and casually uses his whip to brush the nightmare fuel from the hapless porter’s back. Good on ya Indy!

Most of us don’t actually own a whip, so what are you going to do if this happens on your watch? Clearly the most convenient (and humane) way to deal with the spider situation would be a One Pass Waterblade. Pretty much any model will do… though personally I would use one of our Classic Models because they can be mounted on an extension pole.

Then I’m calling in an air strike.

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