10,000 Uses for Waterblades

Recent Additions:

10,000 Uses: Something Fishy

10,000 Uses #32

Week 32: Something Fishy It’s usually the pet fish (silently) swearing at you a million times, visibly noticing it, or a smell that let’s you know it may be time to clean your fin’d friend’s underwater habitat. I like to believe Curly the Beta has an attitude so it’s usually the... Read More

10,000 Uses for Waterblades: Bar Breakage

10,000 Uses #31

Week 31: Bar Breaks What could be worse than spilling your beer?! Lot’s of things actually. Like the situation with North Korea or tripping and falling into a dumpster full of cheese graters and salt while buck naked. Yup, that would suck. However, that’s a bit beyond the scope of what we’re... Read More

10,000 Uses: Lots of Nope

10,000 Uses #30

Week 30: A Whole Mess of Nope! Remember this scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Here’s how it would have went down if it were me: Porter: “Errr… I think there is something on my back.” Me: “Nah, you’re fine, just some cobwebs.” *shouted over my shoulder whilst running pell-mell from the... Read More

10,000 Uses for Waterblades: **it Happens.

10,000 Uses #29

Week 29: ** it Happens. Never thought I’d see the day where we were self-censoring in the interest of Good Taste.  Mind you, we could have blamed the submitter while we sat back and giggled the day away in a veritable pile of euphemisms and poopy puns… but NO!  ... Read More

In the year 2209 the world will be watching with baited breath as our children’s children’s children (or a half-mad, self-aware computer network) fulfills our promise to bring the 10,000th weekly installment of 10,000 Uses for Waterblades!

Since we will likely run out of ideas in short order, YOU have a Golden Opportunity to be a part of living history and perhaps win some goodies in the process. We want to hear how our Waterblade made your life easier, more interesting, funny or downright fun. Click the link below to submit your addition to this epic 10,000 Uses for Waterblades undertaking.

Submission Guidelines: 

  1. Funny, unique & bizarre submissions welcome, but we may choose to omit those we deem offensive. No PC police, just our own twisted judgement.
  2. We’ll overlook SOME actual facts in the interest of entertainment and the occasional snorting belly laugh, but it has to be plausible. Example, we have every reason to believe a Waterblade COULD be used to remove alien saliva from an orbiting Tesla Roadster.
  3. True stories get extra points. We don’t actually use a point system, but… it’ll carry some weight.
  4. You need to keep in touch to find out if you won. That means entering your email address or social media handle in the little contest widget we have setup. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you or share your email with anyone. Ever.

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