10,000 Uses #28

10,000 Uses #28

Week 28: Kids will be kids


Clearly our pals Nick and Charlotte were having a happy Friday night and enjoying a bit  of a toddy to toast another great week full of time saving uses for Waterblades. Good for you!

The micro-gelblade in question is actually a key chain we made ’cause we thought it’d be cute. Turns out it does actually work and since it’s 100% silicone like the real deal, it’s safe to do use it anywhere. Anywhere small that is. Personally I love it for the shaving mirror we have in the shower to keep it fog and water spot free.  Hmmm… maybe we should stop giving these things away!

But for now, we ARE giving these away with all web/phone orders over $30 ’cause we’re cool like that. If you want more, just come see us at the Hardware Show in Las Vegas May 8-10, 2018… but you’ll probably have to stop and talk to Chuck.

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