10,000 Uses Week 67: BOOAAAT!

10,000 Uses for Water Blades Week 67: Booooaaaat!

10,000 Uses Week 67: BOOAAAT!

Week 67: BOOAAAT! *

Shiver me timbers, what be the LATEst edition to our 10k saga you may ask? Boat bath time🚤

Before a long day on the water, after a long day on the water, at some point the family fun mobile needs a good scrub. Similar to our RV entry if you loyal fans do remember.

After the suds and a nice rinse, dry the hull, windshield, bow, virtually any part of your ride with a Classic Y-Blade for a spotless finish. Surface water be gone! Just drive your Waterblade similarly to what you see in our beautifully vivid model photo above.

Time saved on drying = more time for a proper wax! Make Mr Miyagi proud!


* This is an inside joke around our fam… good job working that one in Food Fight!


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