10,000 Uses #29

10,000 Uses for Waterblades: **it Happens.

10,000 Uses #29

Week 29: ** it Happens.

Never thought I’d see the day where we were self-censoring in the interest of Good Taste.  Mind you, we could have blamed the submitter while we sat back and giggled the day away in a veritable pile of euphemisms and poopy puns… but NO!   Your pals at One Pass took the high road and brought you this very helpful tip without resorting to grotesque graphics or immature fecal based humor.  It’s a proud day.

So with our newfound professionalism and  a staunch sense of decorum, let me paint you a picture:

Little Augustus is a toddler. Augustus is potty training. Because it’s easier for Augustus to “prepare for departure” without extra layers, he wasn’t wearing underwear, only his loose fitting shorts.

Agustus got roughly half way through the kitchen before Mother Nature politely explained to him that there was not enough time to make the water closet.

Fun fact: Toddler pull up shorts do not a poo container make.

It should also be noted that Agustus evacuates like a man who has been on a diet of fiber, sausage, cheese, sausage, broccoli, sausage and kale for seven weeks.  Do you see where we’re headed with this or do we have to spell it out?

There’s a soupy steamer on the kitchen floor. An impressive one given the lad’s relative size and age.

At any rate, now was a great time to have a One Pass Floor Blade in the cleaning arsenal. One wouldn’t use a broom for this kind of a mess and our floor blade rinses clean easily… even if you feel compelled to do it outside with the garden hose! Even Bounty “The Quicker Picker Upper” didn’t seem like the best way to deal with little Auggie’s dynamic deuce (use your imagination).

Congrats Augustus!  Your little log jam may just win your folks a new Flat Panel TV ’cause their photo submission got them extra entries into our weekly prize giveaway even though we opted not to show it*. For everyone else, Subscribe, share, follow, or post and you’re entered into our weekly giveaway too because we are not above shameless bribery. Tomorrow night we pull a name that wins a FREE Smart TV, so Signup Now!

I’m so glad we didn’t stoop to potty humor and risk offending one of our (sadly few) readers.


*For now.  We’re just going to hold onto it until Auggie has a job. Then we’ll be happy to sell it back to him.

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