10,000 Uses #31

10,000 Uses for Waterblades: Bar Breakage

10,000 Uses #31

Week 31: Bar Breaks

What could be worse than spilling your beer?!

Lot’s of things actually. Like the situation with North Korea or tripping and falling into a dumpster full of cheese graters and salt while buck naked. Yup, that would suck.

However, that’s a bit beyond the scope of what we’re here to discuss. The answer we’re looking for is:

Scattering your bottle full of liquid amber joy across the floor of your Man-Cave or She-Shed.

Broken glass, spilled beer and sadness. Tragic really and the topic of this week’s 10,000 Uses for Waterblades.

Are you going to grab towels, brooms and mops like some sort of neanderthal?  Not you!  You are a civilized human being living in the 21st century… you have tools for this sort of thing!

Like the well prepared, evolved being you are, you reach for your One Pass Floorblade and a dustpan and wrangle up the fluid and the glass in one shot. Safe, simple and fast.

If you don’t have your own Floorblade yet (you should), you can use pretty much any One Pass Waterblade to remedy this debacle in the same manner.  It’s true. Although you’ll be on your hands and knees doing it which is not where you want to be while your buddies are hanging around drinking beer. Besides, there’s all that broken glass.

Shameless product plugs don’t get much more obvious than that. Get your Floorblade right HERE while we still have $1 shipping.

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