How One Pass Products Can Revolutionize The RV Cleaning Process

How One Pass Products Can Revolutionize The RV Cleaning Process

For the RV owners of the world, a necessary part of owning and maintaining your RV is keeping it clean. For all the cool and exciting places you want to adventure in your RV, we have all seen our RV after a long road trip, and just how dirty it can get. Dust, mud, and other grime are commonplace on the exterior of your RV after an adventure, and while it might not be the first thing you do when you get home, cleaning your RV is certainly going to be on your to-do list. Even for RV owners who have cleaned their RV hundreds of times, it’s still somewhat of a long and arduous process, especially trying to reach all the nooks, crannies, and out of reach spots on such a big vehicle.

But what if there were a few products you could utilize to make that process easier? What if there were a few products that were the ideal for cleaning your RV, from dealing with rinse water to giving the final wipe down at the end? That’s where One Pass comes in.  At One Pass, we have been providing our squeegee water blade products to RV owners, car owners, and boat owners all over the country for decades now. We take pride in the functionality, affordability, and ergonomics of each of our products, and we are sure that they can revolutionize the way you approach your RV cleaning process.  Keep reading to learn more about the RV cleaning products we offer at One Pass, and how they can change your life for the better!

RV Cleaning

For any RV owner who takes on the cleaning of their RV by themselves, you probably have a process of some sort nailed down by now. A hose and a bucket of soapy water with a sponge is a tried and true method as any, but for RV owners who really want to preserve and maintain the look and quality of their RV, getting rid of rinse water and other leftover water is the final step to keeping your RV clean and shiny. If you don’t, the natural drying process of the water can leave behind visible watermarks, not to mention getting more dirty if it’s drying outside.

High-Quality Squeegees for Rinse Water

To avoid these visible watermarks and a dirty drying process, using a high-quality silicone squeegee to wipe off the rinse water after you have rinsed off your RV is a crucial step to ensuring your RV’s cleanliness. Our silicone squeegee water blades that we offer at One Pass offer incredible squeegeeing power, getting rid of up to 90% of rinse water and offering 15 times less friction on the surface of your RV than your average terrycloth. With a variety of squeegee types and sizes that specialize in different applications, One Pass has the high-quality squeegee you need to make your RV cleaning process an absolute breeze.

Extension Adapter For Hard To Reach Spots

As a dedicated RV owner, you may have found that the size of your RV can make cleaning all of the harder to reach parts and higher-up areas a bit more difficult. And understandably so, as most RV’s stand around 10-12 feet high, which means cleaning the higher up parts and the top of your RV requires some clambering and extra effort. But with an extension adapter for your One Pass waterblade, it will be easier than ever to reach every spot on your RV. Our extension adapter gives an attachment to your water blade that fits just about any extension pole or broom handle you have in your home. With an extended reach, you can utilize the incredible squeegeeing power of our waterblade products on a variety of tough to reach spots on your RV.  

Microfibers Towels to Finish the Job

As the final step for a comprehensive RV cleaning process, a good wipe down of your RV is a crucial way to get all of the leftover rinse water, and keep your RV shiny and spotless. A good terrycloth can get the job done, but for RV owners who take immense pride in the spotlessness of their RV once it’s been cleaned, a high-quality microfiber towel is going to leave absolutely no spots, and offer highly effective absorption. Luckily, One Pass also offers a microfiber towel that can support your RV cleaning needs. Our microfiber towel is made of a very thick waffle pattern material, giving you incredible absorption potential, and the towel measures 20″ x 30″, making it perfect for working on a large vehicle with a large surface area like your RV.

RV Cleaning Products from One Pass

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with owning and operating an RV on a consistent basis, including cleaning and maintenance. Why not take some small steps to make every RV cleaning job in the future a bit easier? That’s what One Pass products are here to do; each of our water blades, towels, and accessories are designed to make the lives of our customers easier. Whether it’s ergonomic handle design, high-durability silicon material, or even just how gosh darn effective our squeegee water blades are at removing rinse water, we have the right product for all types of RV owners. Get the One Pass product you require for your RV cleaning needs, and start shopping today!

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