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What People are Saying

I won a TV?! I though you were kidding, but you’re actually bribing people to read your newsletter?  Weird.

Thanks for the TV.

-Amber Painter (Monthly prize winner)


Oh man, I forgot I used a fake name when I signed up… Just now realized your Grand Prize winner is me! What did I win?

-T.P. Jacoby  (or something)


Oh my gosh… Chuck is so funny. I just love reading the One Pass Newsletter and look forward to it every month. Do I get a free TV for saying this?

-Chuck’s wife


We have a newsletter?!  Does anyone read it?

-Food Fight (the One Pass intern)

The Small Print

We pinky swear not to spam you with junk mail and we will never share your contact info. We get it and don’t like an Inbox full of crap either. 

Note: if you win one of our drawings and have a shipping address outside the USA, we may have to award an alternate prize in order to accommodate shipping needs. We’ll keep it fair and it still won’t cost you anything. 

This page was brought to you by the word “Epic” and the numbers 6 and 4.

Win This!

Win This!
TOYS... This month we're giving away toys! A pre-loaded retro Super Nintendo game system to be exact. What better way to spend all that time you're saving by using water blades!?

Newsletters may be old hat, but here’s why you care:

  • Chance to win Free stuff every week!
  • Super special Grand Prize every month.
  • Epic 10,000 Uses for Water Blades compilation.
  • Winner Announcement
  • Newsletter only Deals
  • A Kind Word. Really.

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