10,000 Uses for Waterblades: Yards and Puppers

10,000 Uses #47

10,000 Uses Week 47: Puppers & Doggos & Interns (oh my!) Another submission from our ever so dedicated (and oft in need of cleaning supplies) intern Food Fight. Take it away kid… Summer is ending, school is around the corner, and we’re still somehow in the midst of moving in. It [...]

10,000 Uses for Water Blades: Get Noticed!

10,000 Uses #46

10,000 Uses Week 46: Be Somebody… Get Noticed! Our new Gelblade will get you noticed and sky’s the limit on where that might lead. This may surprise you, but the life of a Water Blade pitchman isn’t all glitz and glamor. Especially when aforementioned squeegee hawker is located in Hollister, CA. [...]

10,000 uses for Waterblades: Save yer sponge!

10,000 Uses #45

10,000 Uses Week 45: Save Yer Sponge! Sooooooo I don’t know about you guys but I for one am not particularly fond of using a smelly dishwashing sponge for my everyday dishwashing needs. Food all too easily gets stuck in the little sponge pores and even on the abrasive side [...]

10,000 Uses: Kid Calamity

10,000 Uses #44

10,000 Uses Week 44: Kid Calamity Got Kids? Considering you are currently surfing the internet looking at cleaning products I’m going to assume that’s a solid “Yes”. Otherwise you’d be preoccupied watching cat videos on YouTube or looking at… ummm…   other things. Kids are a dammed calamity am I right? Lovable they [...]

10,000 Uses: Food Fight Origins

10,000 Uses #43

10,000 Uses Week 43: Food Fight – The man, the Legend. By now you’ve likely heard of our infamous intern, lovingly referred to as “Food Fight”. The goofy kid partially responsible for these cheesy 10k uses for Waterblades and Tid-Bit posts you all force yourselves to read. Well… It’s me, [...]

10,000 Uses: Garage Cleanup

10,000 Uses #40

Week 40: Father’s Day Fiasco Some days you just can’t win for losin’… thus was the predicament for our ole boy Chuck. It was bad enough to have a 70 gallon fish tank spring a leak a few weeks back. Now the water heater decided to give up the ghost. More [...]

10,000 uses: Outdoor Furniture

10,000 Uses #38

Week 38: Company’s Comin’ So you’ve got the ole Weber Kettle all cleaned up and ready to char some Burgers… now you’ve got to prepare to enjoy the outdoor dining with a little time and effort as possible. No problem, you’ve got this covered! The Gelblade is great for all your [...]

10,000 Uses: Clean the 'Que

10,000 Uses #36

Week 36: Bar-B-Que Season Spring is springing around our neck of the woods and that means it’s time to clean up the ole Weber and get ready for some hot-off-the-grill deliciousness! The poor thing’s been sitting outside for the last few months of off-on rain compounded by a liberal coating of [...]

10,000 Uses: Teething Tots

10,000 Uses #25

Week 25: Teething Tots Congrats to Amber P. from Bucksnort, TN* for submitting this photo and our Nearly-Half-Year addition to the 10,000 Uses Official! (Queue polite cheering) In Week #14 we threw it out there that our products might be suitable for use on your resident nose picker. We truly expected [...]

A Salsa Situation

10,000 Uses #7

Shop Blade for Kitchen Disasters Remember Food Fight?   Our intern/college-boy from week 3?  We’ve tasked him with populating the 10K list, but didn’t fully understand the depths he would stoop in pursuit of this goal. His nickname holds in this week’s tragic submission: “A Salsa Situation”. Food Fight, being the butterfingers [...]