Just A Few Ways You Can Use One Pass Products

Just A Few Ways You Can Use One Pass Products

One Pass has a fairly humble beginning to the start of our business. Our founder, Don Varner,  was a respected and well-known individual in the hot rod community, and after spending countless years cleaning, beautifying, and spiffing up beautiful hot rod cars, he finally decided to create a tool that would make his life doing that much easier; and so the One Pass Waterblade was born. The incredible squeegeeing power of this water blade, combined with its durability and minimal surface friction made it highly effective at wiping off rinse water from newly washed cars, and became a must-have tool for all types of car enthusiasts. But the One Pass story did not stop there. 


Since our fairly humble beginnings, One Pass has expanded its entire repertoire of quality rinse water and cleaning products, all designed to offer incredible surface wiping and cleaning potential for all types of locations and uses. From specially designed water blades that work on your boat or on your shop floor, to large microfiber towels, extension pole adapters, and even windshield ice scrapers, One Pass has grown it’s selection of products, and the potential we have to make our customers lives easier. Keep reading to learn more about the variety of ways you can use One Pass products in your daily life and around your work/home, or check out our official list of “10,000 Uses”to really see the potential support One Pass products can offer to your day to day life.

Cleaning Your Car, Boat, or RV

Going back to its roots, there are a variety of One Pass products that can help you clean your boat, car, or RV with ease and efficiency. The Original Waterblade was designed for just this reason, and since then, we have made a wide variety of specialized water blades that offer the same squeegeeing ability, especially on certain surface areas of your car, boat, or RV. This could be our Gelblade that handles aggressive contours and small crevices with ease, or our 18” Hydroglide that utilizes our patented Y-bar technology with a larger swath of coverage. The original purpose of our Waterblades was for cleaning your car boat or RV, and they are still going strong!

Sweeping Your Floor

As we have expanded the one pass product line, we have started to make more products that are practical for everyday use, and one of our most popular is the wet and dry broom, the Floorblade. Combining the water-whisking technology of our silicon Waterblade with a broom design and size, the Floorblade makes the perfect tool for sweeping your floors. From sweeping up shavings on your shop floor, to cleaning up broken glass and liquids, the Floorblade makes it easy and effortless to sweep up wet spills on the ground, as well as collecting dry debris as well. We have even seen barbers use it in their salon to sweep up hair on the floor! If your floor needs to be swept, the One Pass Floorblade has you covered.

Squeegeeing Your Windows and Windshields

Going back to the roots of the original squeegee, the One Pass Waterblade works exceptionally well for squeegeeing rinse water off of your windows and windshields too. We might rarely clean our windows, but when we do, we are in a need of a reliable squeegee blade, and the selection of One Pass Waterblades can provide just that. And when combined with our extension pole adapter, you can ensure the squeegeeing ability of your One Pass Waterblade can reach all of the exterior windows of your home. Keep a Waterblade in your car for squeegeeing your windshield as well! 

Keeping Your Kitchen and Bathroom Clean

Many of our customers have utilized One Pass products for locations and situations that we have not even thought of, and the kitchen and bathroom has been more popular for One Pass products than we could have ever imagined. The squeegeeing power of our Waterblades make it perfect for wiping off kitchen countertop surfaces that get wet during dishes or cooking. Our Gelblades and Micro Gelblades are great for getting in between tiles on your shower walls or kitchen backsplash as well. Use One Pass products for cleaning the oftentimes wet surfaces in our kitchens and bathrooms!   

Wiping Off Your Glasses

This might seem like an oddly specific usage of a One Pass product, but as anyone who wears glasses knows, your glasses can fog up quite often. Many of us might use a quick exhale on the panes and the tail of our shirt or the edge of our sleeve to deal with the fogging, but it might not always be very effective. The Micro Gelblade uses the same squeegeeing ability and minimal friction as our larger Waterblade products, but in a tiny format that fits on your keychain. Now when your glasses fog up, you can give them the more effective squeegeeing ability you need with a Micro Gelblade, and just like the windows you might squeegee with our larger products, you will be able to see through them with near perfection!

Bodyblade for Pets and Horses

Another option but certainly not the last option for using One Pass products are the Waterblades that are specially designed for pet and horse care, the Bodyblade. We took the same characteristics of our previous Waterblade products (like the ability to wipe away rinse water with minimal friction) and optimized it for the hairy coat of your favorite furry friend, especially horses and livestock. The Bodyblade is perfect for post-washing and post-trimming, allowing you to wipe off all of the water, sweat, dust, debris, and hair trimming from your animal’s body with ease.

Silicon Squeegees For Your Needs – One Pass Waterblades

While our business started from humble beginnings, the One Pass brand and its products have grown more than we could have ever predicted. And in keeping with the trend, we want to keep innovating and creating exceptional products that make your life cleaning surfaces that much easier. Find the One Pass products that help you, and shop our selection today!

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