More labor saving devices to work with your Waterblade

  • Microfiber Duster & Detailer

    Save time, money and time! Yes, we said "Time" twice because you'll be saving a lot of it with the One Pass Duster & Detailer! Use it inside or out on your vehicles and inside the home. Quick and easy to give your favorite ride a simple cleaning from light dust and debris without water and extend the time between washes. See that? It saves you time! One Pass and you're done. The microfiber chenille pics up dust and pollen and traps it with an electrostatic charge to completely remove it, not push it around. Handle extends to provide well over 30 inches of reach. Untreated microfiber can be used with or without cleaning agents and is washable to use again and again. Includes storage bag with hang strap and care instructions.
  • Micro-Gelblade Keychain & Widget

    • It's a miniature Gelblade!
    • Great keychain
    • Actually works if you have something small enough to 'Blade
    • 100% Silicone just like the real thing
    • Great for fidgeting people (like me)
    • Maybe does other stuff too? Let us know!
  • Extra Large Microfiber Waffle Weave Finishing Towel

    • Extra Large Size Designed for Car and Truck Drying
    • Heavy Weight with Waffle Pattern
    • Waffle Pattern Gives Less Surface Drag
    • DayGlo Orange Makes Your Car Towel Easily Recognizable
    • Measures: 20 Inches by 30 Inches
    • The Perfect Waterblade Companion
  • Extension Pole Adapter for Classic Waterblade

    • Adapt Waterblades to Extension pole
    • Extends Reach for Taller Vehicles
    • Use for Second Story Windows and Solar Panels
    • Fiber reinforced ABS for durability
    • Standard US Thread Fits Virtually Any Pole
  • Super-Duty Extension Pole Adapter for Classic Waterblade

    Super Duty pole adapter specifically for the Classic model Waterblades. Great for very large vehicles (aircraft) and industrial applications. Waterblade not included. Works with 12", 14" and 18" Classic Water Blades in both T-Bar and Y-Blade models.
  • Adjustable Extension Pole: 40 – 75 Inches (6.5 Feet)

    • Powder Coated Steel Pole
    • Heavy-Duty 1" OD steel tubing
    • Extends to 75 Inches (6.5 feet)
    • Simple twist-lock operation
    • Universal US Threaded Nylon End
    • Hanging Loop Handle