10,000 Uses for Water Blades #47: Daring Doggo

10,000 Uses for Waterblades: Yards and Puppers

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #47: Daring Doggo

10,000 Uses Week 47: Puppers & Doggos & Interns (oh my!)

Another submission from our ever so dedicated (and oft in need of cleaning supplies) intern Food Fight. Take it away kid…

Summer is ending, school is around the corner, and we’re still somehow in the midst of moving in. It came time for the bi-weekly apartment backyard cleaning for yours truly (the intern). Oh what a joy! Leaves as far as the eye can see along with miscellaneous twigs scattered around the concrete base.

My go-to device for whisking away these naturally occurring annoyances is our FloorBlade believe it or not. I keep it on deck right outside awaiting instruction.

The job itself is simple enough… or would have been had it not been for a random, spaz-mode, bully mutt pup attack!! I do not exaggerate when I say this little devil came out of nowhere, whirling around the corner like a cheetah whom caught wind of a gazelle once she heard the blade’s edge scrape the outside concrete. Queue the snarling, thrashing of tooth and nail, deepened growing and aggressive barking. Now you may be thinking… “Food Fight, how did you survive such a vicious bully bred attack such as this! Surely these monsters must be stopped!”

Now I assure you all that I escaped unscathed in this encounter. Nova, the floppy eared brindle aforementioned “little devil” had a motive. “I must protect dad from scary orange broom stick!”. Upon sight of scary orange broom stick, sweet Nova went “SuperNova” for lack of better words in a fit of playful rage attempting to destroy any part of the FloorBlade she could get hold of. Jumping as high as my shoulders in an attempt to leave nothing left of our beloved FloorBlade. Oh the horror!

I now encourage you to uncover your eyes for the nylon chassis makes this industrial strength tool ready to endure any task, including but not limited to unexpected fits of playfulness by the strongest of pups. As expected, the FloorBlade stood its ground and also remains free from harm or defacement. We’ll be sure to pupdate you on its status in another couple weeks.


Editor’s Note: Although we are quite proud of the Waterblade line’s durability, I’d bet dollars to donuts that Nova will make mincemeat of that silicone blade if given the opportunity. Please protect (or puptect as Food Fight would say) your silicone products from your chew monsters! 

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