10,000 Uses for Water Blades #52: Goat!

10,000 Uses for Water Blades: Goat

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #52: Goat!

Week 52: Goat!

Honestly I never paid much mind to goat until I actually lived with some of the little beasties. They’re actually quite fascinating creatures… and by “fascinating” what I mean is “Smelly, Bizarre, Filthy and Utterly Hilarious!”   So on this most auspicious of occasions (marking a full year’s worth of 10,000 Uses entries) we give a shout out to Mother Nature’s finest food processor, the venerable Goat.

Having a small flock of goat is actually pretty great, especially when your property has terrain that will attempt to murder you if you’re foolish enough to drive a riding mower on it. These varmints will grub it down to nubbins in no time and are happy to do it. Plus, while they’re busily managing yard maintenance they’ll need less Purina Goat Chow which is a fine economic bonus. This adds up to more time and funding for beer drinking and other important ventures.

You’re welcome.

So you’re probably thinking that ole Chuck is about to tell you that a water blade is good for goat washing, right?  Although that’s very likely true, I’ve honestly never washed a goat so I really can’t say. Instead let’s chat about another side effect of goat ownership… they defecate constantly! This actually makes a lot of sense ’cause they eat constantly and all that fiber has got to go somewhere. This is usually taking place while they’re out mowing the hill which is just fine… fertilizer for next season’s crop of goat munchies I say.

Gratuitous goat image borrowed from the internet.However… Did I mention they are filthy?

At Rancho de Chuck we had a nice, clean, secure area for them so as to not accidentally feed coyotes. One would think they would keep their little goat palace clean, tidy and goat-effluent free, right?  Not so.  I personally bore witness to one of them standing on a hay bale and while it was eating one side it was dropping goat pellets on the other side. Literally was pooing on its food WHILE it was eating it!

This is level ten Filthy Animal in my humble opinion.

So anyway, the point is there are goat leavings to deal with. Often.  Best thing you could ever use for this task is this little baby… the Floor Blade. It may surprise you to find out that goats not only mess in their little goat home, but they also don’t separate solid and dry waste. This is no task for a regular bristle broom. Use the Floor Blade to get all the mess in just one pass (see what I did there?) and it rinses clean. Now hose off the floor and you can use the Floor Blade again to instantly dry it.

Presto! Back to the aforementioned beer drinking.

I should probably mention that if you ARE of a mind to wash your goat (hmmm… that sounded almost obscene), our Horse & Livestock Body Blade would be a great option for removing water quickly. Very likely the best option for your show goat.

Fun Fact: Did you know that if you plant these Goat Seeds, you can grow your own? Check out the Bumper Crop this lucky farmer raised!

Goat Tree

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