10,000 Uses #5

Pet Shedding Corgi

10,000 Uses #5

Wow, it is already Week Five and we haven’t even resorted to using the easy ones yet!

This week we did a little thinking outside the (litter) box..

If you’re like most of us here at One Pass Waterblade, then you probably have a perpetually shedding fur beast coexisting with you. Perhaps you have noticed quite a bit of said fur beast’s hair deep in your carpet and stock on the upholstery of your (their) couch? Here’s the simple solution!

Take your waterblade and swipe along the carpet or couch to loosen up the pet hair that has somehow braided itself to the surface.  This loosens it up and forms it into a little little clump. You can then follow up with a vacuum for disposal or if you’re like me, just grab it up by hand. It’s that easy!

Shameless Product Plug: Since ALL of our Waterblades feature a genuine silicone blade, they all work great for this. If I had to pick just one, I’d recommend our new Gel Blade since you could bend it over the arms of your Laz-y-boy. Then just give it a quick wash and put it back to work in the kitchen.

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