10,000 Uses for Water Blades #62: Gift Giving of Course!

10,000 Uses for Water Blades: Gift Giving!
10,000 Uses for Water Blades: Great for newly weds and newly Moms!

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #62: Gift Giving of Course!

Week #62: Gift Giving of Course!

If we were On The Ball like the rest of the E-Comm world, this would have been posted a couple of weeks ago to capitalize on Christmas Gift Giving. Yet somehow that didn’t happen. So now we have a choice to make:

A) Pretend that we’re above the capitalist commercialization of Christmas  and act like we did this too-late on purpose (we call this the Hipster Defense).


B) Blame the intern and berate him mercilessly for single-handedly  ruining our Christmas sales season.

*Flips Coin*

This Summer Chuck and the Missus had the pleasure of attending the nuptials of J & L… A couple that is very dear to us. We spent a lot of time puzzling over what we could get them as a gift to celebrate their wedding AND the coming of their twins. This had to be something really special of course.  We puzzled and puzzed ’til our puzzlers were sore.

Then Mrs Chuck had a stroke of sheer genius.

Mrs Chuck: What would we have really appreciated in our first year of marriage? You know, what would have really helped us make that transition to adulthood back when we were starting out?

Chuck: Pizza?

Mrs C: Yeah, like …  Wait.. WHAT?   Are you thick?


Mrs C:


Mrs C: No you Dullard… Life Hacks! Tips… Tricks… Short-cuts to the things we learned over these many years. Let’s get them a bunch of stuff that will help them for years to come and make their lives easier. It’s perfect!

Chuck: Oh… ummm…

Mrs C: UGH… Just bring home a couple Water Blades, OK?

As you can see, with a table full of time saving gadgets, widgets and home hacks, the One Pass Gel Blades led the charge. Congrats to J & L, we love you guys and wish you all the best in your new lives as Husband & Wife. Oh yeah… AND as Mom and Dad!

It’s getting pretty close, but if you’ve got young adults that could use a meaningful time saving gift for Christmas, hit us up and we’ll be sure to get it out for you.

Merry Christmas!


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