10,000 Uses Week 64: Wine Wasted!

10,000 uses for waterblades: week 64, wine wasted.

10,000 Uses Week 64: Wine Wasted!

10,000 Uses Week 64: Wine Wasted! 

Time to welcome in the new year with a bang!

The dieting, starting the day earlier, running, and all that “fun” stuff starts tomorrow. Tonight, we party!


Snacks, drinks, friends, family, the whole shebang. Even the notorious uncle Bob will be making an appearance. The same uncle Bob whom gave inspiration for our turkey time installment. So, given this information a Waterblade has been strategically placed in each room… In the event of an adult drink spilling, cocktail sauce splattering across the floor, and the up and coming blizzard of confetti, we’re now covered.

Happy New Year all.

May 2019 bring prosperity, longevity, and happiness.

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