One Pass 9″ Gelblade 100% Silicone Waterblade with Y-Bar Edge

One Pass 9″ Gelblade 100% Silicone Waterblade with Y-Bar Edge


  • Perfect size for the kitchen
  • Cleans spills wet or dry
  • Use in Sinks and Large Pots
  • Great on Counters, Bar Tops & High Chairs
  • Mirrors & Windows
  • Removes pet hair from Upholstery
  • Safe for All Surfaces and Won’t Scratch!
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The Perfect Waterblade for Kitchen & Bath

Our 100% Silicone, one piece Waterblade downsized to be more nimble around the kitchen!

Silicone by nature does not support bacterial or microbial growth so it’s suitable for wet locations like showers too. Where other materials harbor growth, silicone remains mildew free. Silicone is safe for nearly all cleaning products and can withstand temperature extremes from -80 to +400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Patented “Hydro-Glide” Y-blade Edge conforms to the surface to remove liquids and debris in just one pass. Soft silicone design glides over irregularities and forms into low spots easily. Use it to tackle the toughest jobs virtually anywhere in your home. The safest and fastest way to remove liquids leaving behind a surface so dry it’ll squeak!

Use it at the table or even on the floors to make quick work of even the biggest messes. Bring it back to sanitary condition with a trip through the dishwasher. It’s that simple and easy. Want to get an idea of what all the things you can do with a One Pass Waterblade? Check out 10,ooo Uses!

Ergonomic handle is easy to operate and doesn’t hold fluids when laid flat. Extremely flexible to conform to curved surfaces without degrading performance.

Life Hack: Spray disinfectant and sanitizers on your counters and let sit (these usually take a few minutes). Now use the waterblade to sweep the counter clean and run the disinfectant right into the sink. Fast, efficient and effective for a sanitary surface! Don’t use a towel to spread germs around.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 1.5 in
Blade Type



Caribbean Blue

  • Kitchen Counters
  • Bar Tops
  • Sinks
  • Stovetop
  • High Chairs
  • Food Service counters/tables

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