10,000 Uses for Water Blades #51: Shop

Shop Blade

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #51: Shop

Week 51: Cleaning up Shop

If you work (or have worked) in a metal fabrication shop or around any part of the metal industry, you know the annoyance of oil lathered metal savings all over your work area.

They’re the metal fab equivalent of tiny eraser turds on your desk.

The typical procedure for dealing with metal shavings getting all in your work space is taking a whisk brush or shop towel and pushing them around until most of them are gone or stuck in the bristles of your whisk broom. That’s okay for the time being but come closing it’s imperative to clear your workspace as thoroughly as possible. So at this point, a little whisk brush won’t cut it.

Instead we recommend and fully back the use of our Shop Blade. The silicone blade design will form to your work area as you pass over it in a sweeping motion. Along the way it’ll not only collect your pile of eraser shaving but any oil or lube along with it! Finish the job by sweeping into a dust pan and you’re good to go! It comes in bright orange colored housing so you can’t blame any of your coworkers if it gets lost unless of course they try to nab it for themselves.

Yes, we’re late on this installment… personally I’m going to blame the intern. 

More details on the Shop Blade right HERE.

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