One Pass Silicon Squeegee Shopblade w/ Versatile Extended Handle

One Pass Silicon Squeegee Shopblade w/ Versatile Extended Handle


  • Silicone squeegee blade is safe for all surfaces
  • Extended handle gives extra reach
  • Squeegee waterblade clears all type of fluids and debris
  • Use like a whisk broom with any dustpan
  • Safe for nearly all common cleaners
  • Blade resists extreme temperatures
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The Whisk Broom Re-Imagined

Although our original intention was for machine shops and industrial environments (thus it’s rugged good looks), it only took a day or two to figure out how handy our Shopblade was going to be everywhere else. Just like our Floor Blade, the One Pass Shop Blade is really handy around the home, inside or out, and makes short work of some really big jobs. Made with a high quality food-grade silicone blade for maximum effectiveness and long term durability, this Shopblade features our patented Y-Blade edge design that works extremely well on large flat areas and curves alike. A soft durometer silicone works great over surface irregularities to get up liquids and debris in one easy sweep. Works on virtually any surface!

This silicone blade is resistant to most chemical cleaners and lubricants so it’s great for CNC equipment, for getting metal chips and cutting fluid from vices and off the windows with a simple sweep. The blade can withstand temperatures from -80 to +400 degrees Fahrenheit, with a durable nylon handle stands up to all sorts of use and abuse, and it comes in bright Safety Orange so it won’t get lost in the shop or garage. Since it uses the same, gentle silicone blade as our other products, the Shop Blade works fantastic on vehicles too. It’s safe on paint with minimal friction, and saves time and effort. The extended handle makes it particularly useful for Pickups and SUVs where a little added reach is always helpful! Shop our One Pass Waterblade collection today!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 1.5 in
Blade Type



Safety Orange

  • Heavy Equipment
  • CNC Mills and Lathes
  • Work benches & Counters
  • Trucks, Vans & Autos
  • Windows &  Siding
  • All spills wet or dry!
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