10,000 Uses for Water Blades #46: Get Noticed

10,000 Uses for Water Blades: Get Noticed!

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #46: Get Noticed

10,000 Uses Week 46: Be Somebody… Get Noticed!

Our new Gelblade will get you noticed and sky’s the limit on where that might lead.

This may surprise you, but the life of a Water Blade pitchman isn’t all glitz and glamor. Especially when aforementioned squeegee hawker is located in Hollister, CA. Now I don’t want to talk smack about the city in which we abide, but if cities were tattoos we’d be California’s tramp stamp. So there’s that.

The point is, it takes a bit of doing to get any kind of attention around here. Yet despite our decidedly rural locale, the world has shown us some love. To be more specific, our new Gelblade picked up notice from The Grommet and was a featured product this week! Clearly they have good taste as our newest do-everything-easier-better-and-faster Water Blade is the most excited you’ll ever be about a squeegee. At least today.

Yea Grommet! We love you folks!

If you’re not familiar, The Grommet is what I would describe as The Sharper Image‘s cute and kitschy step sister… but like back when Sharper Image was prom queen. Needless to say, we’re big fans and are super proud to have our product make the grade. This is our daily affirmation or as self-help Guru Stuart Smalley would say “…and Doggone it, people like me!”

So how is this going to make your life any better? As we said earlier, using a Gelblade will get you noticed and from there anything is possible.

Example: Let’s say some clod at the office spills their coffee all over the counter in the break room. You’re the procurement officer that had the foresight to equip the break room with a One Pass Gelblade. The CEO doesn’t fail to notice how efficiently the mess is dealt with and instantly promotes you to Vice President of Super Good Ideas & Cool Stuff. Then they give you a company car.  That’s how it works.

Or maybe you’re hosting a little soiree when one of your revelers suffers a paper plate malfunction*. There’s tortilla chips, guacamole and frozen margarita (standard California soiree fare) scattered from here to Sunday. You are ultra smart and have excellent taste in Water Blades, so you’re not even sweating it.

“This is nothing my new Gelblade can’t handle in one pass!” you confidently exclaim while dropping a fire pun on your guests.

As you quickly swoop up the solids, fluids and guacamole which is somewhere between the two, you glance up to accept the adulation of your guests. That’s when it happens.

From across the room your eyes lock. That super cute friend of your room mate, that showed up for free guac, stares into your eyes adoringly. You can see they are deeply impressed with your resourcefulness, foresight and concern for your guest’s safety (frozen margaritas are slippery). The sparks fly.

Three months later you are wed in an ocean side ceremony on a small private island in the Bahamas. You go on to live happily ever after and raise two very attractive boys of genius intellect. You named them Don and Chuck in honor of your buddies at One Pass who made this whole thing possible.

Don’t forget to invite us to the wedding.

Now that you know what’s at stake, get your Gelblade on order and get noticed!  You can also get them from The Grommet right HERE where they even have a cool little video. While you’re there, tell ’em we said Hi!


* Our intern Food Fight knows ALL about this

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