10,000 Uses for Water Blades #43: Interns

10,000 Uses: Food Fight Origins

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #43: Interns

10,000 Uses Week 43: Food Fight – The man, the Legend.

By now you’ve likely heard of our infamous intern, lovingly referred to as “Food Fight”. The goofy kid partially responsible for these cheesy 10k uses for Waterblades and Tid-Bit posts you all force yourselves to read. Well… It’s me, guys I’m the intern.

So, here’s anecdotal version about how I was dubbed with the eternal byname “Food Fight”.

The first night I was invited over to Chucks for a family dinner I was quite literally shaking in my boots. Why, you may ask? Well, I had just recently started a new relationship with Chuck’s daughter and it finally came time to “meet the parents” so to speak. I dressed myself as half decently a high school kid with no fashion sense at all could to make myself somewhat presentable at the very least. Dressing as a half put together human being worthy of dating someone’s daughter is quite the task as some of you may know.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck along with the rest of the family welcomed me with open arms and made me feel right at home. However, it came time for a spectacular dinner of sesame chicken, rice, and beans. Fast forward to silly ole me attempting to cut my chicken on a paper plate in my lap… Said paper plate folds, beautiful plate of food flies in the air and lands all over.

Looking back now it was quite cinematic. Half the plate lands all over myself whilst the rest lands dispersed evenly along over the floor… The only one more amused than the rest of the family who were cackling at this point was good ole Hoover the dog who seemed to solely enjoy the fact that there just so happened to be plenty of floor offerings for him now.

Queue low blow side comment from the peanut gallery (aka Chuck): “I think you missed your mouth there Food Fight.”

Enter Gelblade to make short work of the remanding bits of chicken and rice scattered among the couch and my previously new shirt. Naturally whatever was left behind by the dog was quickly handled with our new Floorblade.

Some time later Chuck approached me with the idea of an internship (so I guess he kinda likes me, fingers crossed…) we looked back upon our first meeting and there spawned the idea for our 10k saga.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Stay tuned for more to come including some big news some time soon! Food Fight signing off now!

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