10,000 Uses for Waterblades: Bar Breakage

10,000 Uses #31

Week 31: Bar Breaks What could be worse than spilling your beer?! Lot’s of things actually. Like the situation with North Korea or tripping and falling into a dumpster full of cheese graters and salt while buck naked. Yup, that would suck. However, that’s a bit beyond the scope of what we’re [...]

10,000 Uses: Lots of Nope

10,000 Uses #30

Week 30: A Whole Mess of Nope! Remember this scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Here’s how it would have went down if it were me: Porter: “Errr… I think there is something on my back.” Me: “Nah, you’re fine, just some cobwebs.” *shouted over my shoulder whilst running pell-mell from the [...]

10,000 Uses for Waterblades: **it Happens.

10,000 Uses #29

Week 29: ** it Happens. Never thought I’d see the day where we were self-censoring in the interest of Good Taste.  Mind you, we could have blamed the submitter while we sat back and giggled the day away in a veritable pile of euphemisms and poopy puns… but NO!   [...]


10,000 Uses #28

Week 28: Kids will be kids   Clearly our pals Nick and Charlotte were having a happy Friday night and enjoying a bit  of a toddy to toast another great week full of time saving uses for Waterblades. Good for you! The micro-gelblade in question is actually a key chain we made [...]


10,000 Uses #27

Week 27: Fidget Widgets! We had these tiny Waterblades made to give away… They’re about three inches wide and we thought they’d be really cool key chains that people would dig and they’d stop to talk to us at the show! As it turns out,  these little things actually work! No [...]

10,000 Uses: Trade Shows

10,000 Uses #26

Week 26: Da Booth! We’re half a year into our 10,000 uses campaign and already managing to be several days late… but we have a pretty good excuse. This week we’re coming to you from Chicago IL, where the intrepid One Pass team has setup our spiffy new trade show [...]

10,000 Uses: Teething Tots

10,000 Uses #25

Week 25: Teething Tots Congrats to Amber P. from Bucksnort, TN* for submitting this photo and our Nearly-Half-Year addition to the 10,000 Uses Official! (Queue polite cheering) In Week #14 we threw it out there that our products might be suitable for use on your resident nose picker. We truly expected [...]

10,000 Uses: RVs & Trailers

10,000 Uses #24

Week 24: Coach Care of Course Another week with the Top Secret One Pass Creative Uses Team (TSOP-CUT for short) still charging bravely onward with a firm grasp of the obvious. Although the team is top-secret, this week’s featured Use is not as it’s been on our website for years. [...]

10,000 uses: Outrageous Hot Rod Bubbletops

10,000 Uses #23

Week 23: Alas, What could have been! This is The Silhouette that Don designed years back. Can you imagine just what it would take to clean and dry that bubble-top? This was years before the Waterblade existed so they spent a lot of time getting  real familiar with a chamois. Shameless [...]

10,000 Uses: Friendly Reminder!

10,000 Uses #22

Week 22: Fears of Tears Here’s another one for you: You’ve still got time, for Amazon Prime But you’d better make it snappy Or they won’t be happy Just a friendly reminder that Valentine’s day is coming up quick! Act now or you’ll be needing a Waterblade to gather up all the tears… They [...]