10,000 Uses for Water Blades #58: Turkey Travesty

10000 Uses for Waterblades: Turkey Day Travesty

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #58: Turkey Travesty

10,000 Uses Week 58: A Turkey Time Travesty

Tis the time of the great feast. Thanksgiving dinner some would call it. A time for family, friends, thankfulness, and fighting over birth right to the succulent legs.

You’ve assembled the family, both near and far. From your parents whom traveled over the river and through the woods, to your least favorite uncle Bob who admittedly makes an appearance mostly for the provided spirits and brews.

Dinner is devoured and done with in record timing. It is apparent Uncle Bob ate more than his fill based upon the visible food coma signs. Like being face down, snoring at the dinner table. Face in his 3rd plate, drooling, and his mess shared with the floor one might add..

Because of the gravy boat fumbling of last year, you’re always prepared for whatever mess your family or the holidays throw at you. With Mini-Gelblade in hand, you gather up all Uncle Bob happenings just in time for the scheduled desert course. All is well and the only one upset about the floor being spotless again is the hound. Poor poor hoover.

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