10,000 Uses for Water Blades #54: Blade Appétit

10,000 Uses for Water Blades: Blade Appetit

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #54: Blade Appétit

Week 54: Blade Appétit

We often speak of the uses of Waterblades around the kitchen. Have you thought about food preparation?

In this specific instance, our intern Food Fight (who has been ordered to carry a water blade with him at all times) is playing CHEF Food Fight and he has had himself an epiphany. Whilst endeavoring to grate cheese of the parmesean variety, in the lofty pursuit of creating garlic bread, it struck like lightning.

It may be worth mentioning that while well intended, our intrepid intern’s Chef training has come via his employment at Domino’s Pizza. Perhaps not the fine dining we may all aspire to, but the young man knows his way around a production environment and industrial size messes! So I’ll let him take it from here. 

Quoth the intern, “The gel blade will do wonders for food preparation on any surface you have to work with be it granite, stainless steel, a baking tray, tin foil, or any material cutting board.

In this photo I was using our Micro-Gelblade but the same kitchen and food related tasks can be completed in a more timely manner with our Mini 9-Inch version. Pair it with one of our Wet-Dry Collection Pans and you’ll be near unstoppable, no matter the mess.”

Well said Lad… well said.

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