10,000 Uses for Water Blades #50: Puppy Palooza

10,000 Uses for Water Blades: Puppy Palooza.

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #50: Puppy Palooza

Week 50: Puppy Paloooooza!

Ain’t no party like a puppy party, cuz a puppy party don’t stop!

No seriously…

It never stops.

When it comes to Food Fight’s pup Nova, her birthday is certainly no exception. As if she didn’t have enough toys, treats, and bones already… The spoiled little brat turned 4 and added this giant Woolly Mammoth bone to her collection. Fresh and ready to be destroyed.

If you too are father to one of these somehow simultaneously smelly, adorable, and messy four legged fuzz balls, you also know what the aftermath of a “new bone session” looks like. Little bone fragments, dead animal tissue, all that good stuff gets up down and around the designated area of destruction.

Luckily enough, the terror decided to break this one in on her own upholstery. However you may not be so lucky, so make sure you’re prepared! Time and time again we come home to bone fragments scattered over the couch and a guilty face derived from previously mentioned fuzz ball to match. The same Waterblade you have in your kitchen, bathroom, or garage can be used to tackle these doggone disasters any day of the week!

So less time cleaning up and more time remembering how you just can’t stay upset at the soul piercing “sorry dad” puppy face for much longer.

Shown here we used the Gelblade that we keep in the kitchen for just such an emergency. 

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