10,000 Uses for Water Blades #48: RV Care

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #48: RV Care

10,000 Uses Week 48: Bubbles on Bertha

A trip is never over until the rig gets a good scrub down.
Ridding the beast that serves you well of all dirt, grime, leaves, and whatever else you may have picked up along your journey before you return her to the protective overhang.

But… you’re not gonna make yourself do this.. Right? No, not at all, that’s what your not so little but just as annoying nose pickers are for. Seeing as you provided food and shelter all these years and changed the occasional diaper, the least they can do is give the ole adventure bus a good once over. Considering they too enjoyed the latest adventure.

Water and soap is the easy part and the kiddos have no problem with that. But come time to you start to hear a not so subtle noise. It sounds a whole lot like complaining… Seeing as you’ve thought of everything and are always prepared you whip out your 18” Classic Waterblade with the extension pole adapter. Slap on the extension pole and all of a sudden…  A miracle happens… No more whining! Plus the RV is dry!

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