10,000 Uses for Water Blades #42: Reveling Round Up

10,000 Uses: Reveling Round Up

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #42: Reveling Round Up

10,000 Uses Week 42: Reveling Round Up

The Fourth of July gathering was a hoot despite landing in the middle of the week. Since we cleaned up the Bar-B-Que and the Outdoor Furniture recently (at our previous advice), we gathered with the clan to demolish Brats and Micro-brews. Then, at sunset, the grand tradition of burning up ridiculous amounts of cash in the form of fireworks. Woo-Hoo!

Pop always taught me to keep a big bucket of water handy in which to dispose of the still hot, spent Safe & Sane’s. This is truly good advice as evidenced by my neighbor’s trash can fire a couple years back. It also comes in handy now that my own spawn have grown up and have gotten more “creative” with the combustibles.

On this particular Independence holiday, our ground based display culminated on what could only be described as a fireworks funeral pyre. Perhaps neither safe nor sane truth be told. For some reason yer pal Chuck was expected to act the part of responsible adult (weird, right?). So as the pyre dwindled it was brought to a close via a buck full of water and soppy spent fireworks.

This was ugly and maybe not the best way to have handled the situation. What a freaking MESS!

Fortunately, clean up is something I’ve become rather adept at. Most of the pyro-mess was gathered up quickly with a large dustpan and a One Pass Floorblade. Certainly wouldn’t have wanted to saturate a bristle broom with that goo. Now blacktop isn’t the smoothest of surfaces, but certainly what was left behind would be handled by Hollister’s prevailing wind.

Now back to the Micro-brews!


PS. Yes, we clearly staged this pic with left over debris. Certain people couldn’t be trusted with a camera at the time. Thanks for noticing.

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