10,000 Uses for Water Blades #36: Bar-B-Que

10,000 Uses: Clean the 'Que

10,000 Uses for Water Blades #36: Bar-B-Que

Week 36: Bar-B-Que Season

Spring is springing around our neck of the woods and that means it’s time to clean up the ole Weber and get ready for some hot-off-the-grill deliciousness!

The poor thing’s been sitting outside for the last few months of off-on rain compounded by a liberal coating of dust kicked up by our doggo Ellie-Mae and her puppy pal Nova. It’s really quite disgraceful to see our beloved kettle start to look like a mud igloo. I’m a little ashamed to admit it frankly, but we’re all friends here.

Let’s fast track this cleanup with a garden hose and bucket of sudsy water. Start with the counters and cutting boards if you’ve got ’em, then scrub up the barbie itself. This way you don’t transfer anything greasy from the ‘que and onto your counters. Give it all a nice rinse and ‘blade it off with your favorite Waterblade for a spot free shine. Presto!

We don’t usually worry about cleaning the inside ourselves, but if you have a mind to, then a degreaser or oven cleaner will make short work of it. You can even use your Waterblade directly with the cleaning agent since the silicone blade is chemical safe and will easily clean off. Just let the degreaser soak for a bit and ‘blade the dissolved goo away.

Now you’re looking good and ready for that upcoming Father’s Day bar-b-que. Enjoy, you’ve earned it.

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