10,000 Uses #33

10,000 Uses for Water Blades: Sports

10,000 Uses #33

Week 33: C’mon Zebra!

Attention sports fans, athletes, and casual onlookers… This one’s for you!
Ever witnessed or been victim to the horrible brutality commonly known as a “Bad Call”?
Called OUT even though you clearly slid into second several minutes before the baseman even showed up for work?

Well, we have something for you… Give the gift of a One Pass micro-waterblade to your least favorite referee! It’s the perfect size for them to keep in their pockets and is easy to use whenever their play calling goggles (eyes) become blind to the game! After all, maybe it’s an honest mistake and their Coke bottle like eyeglasses were just dimmed by dust and sweat? Let’s just give ’em benefit of the doubt… This would help.

As you can see , it would fit perfectly on the side of an official and add a nice little flair to the outfit.

Editors note to referee’s: This was out of good heartened humor and is a joke. (please don’t throw me out of the ball park again.)


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