One Pass Hydroglide 14″ Waterblade Silicone Y-Bar Squeegee Yellow

One Pass Hydroglide 14″ Waterblade Silicone Y-Bar Squeegee Yellow


  • NEW Y-Bar edge removes over 90% of standing water
  • 15-times less friction than terrycloth towels
  • Ergonomic soft edge handle with medical grade silicone squeegee blade will not scratch.
  • Flexible silicone blade molds to surface, while extended tips extend reach
  • Small Squeegee Virtually Eliminates Need for Messy Towels
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The ORIGINAL Water Blade from the inventor and patent holder of the Water Blade as it was originally produced in 1996. You used to know it as “The Original California Water Blade”… now it’s simply the Original Water Blade – USA.

Originally with a straight blade 12” wide, this model features an extended tip to make it 14 inches wide. Perfect for cars, trucks and vans with 15-times less friction than a terry cloth towel, so you know your paint is safe. It reaches into smaller spaces with the extended tip, while medical grade silicone and our new Y-bar squeegee edge conforms to every contour of your vehicle, removing over 90% of the rinse water safely and effectively. The new Y-Bar edge operates bi-directionally and won’t “grab” when hitting a body gap. It’s our best blade design yet!

Even though it’s a small squeegee, the ergonomic handle is easy to hold and operate without fatigue, and it’s tapered in at the sides so you don’t accidentally scuff it against your paint. This window squeegee is so effective, you can finish your entire vehicle with just a Waterblade and a single good sized microfiber waffle towel for touch up. No spots leftover, even with hard water!

Here’s another great tip… spray a little wet wax detailer on your freshly washed, rinsed and still wet vehicle. Now use the squeegee blade to spread the material evenly across the surface. The Y-bar edge smooths the wet wax into the micro-pores of the paint for a perfect finish in no time. Use your microfiber towel if needed to polish to a high luster.

This 14-inch Classic model is great for cars, pickup trucks and vans, and it looks great in yellow. For smaller cars and general use we offer our Classic 12-inch blade model. For large trucks, recreational vehicles and buses, we recommend our 18” Classic Waterblade model.

Our California Waterblades are also great for windows, counter tops, showers, shop surfaces, solar panels and a variety of household uses. Pole adapters are available for extended reach. Get your silicon window squeegee from One Pass today!

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Weight .60 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 1 in


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Classic Waterblades

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