Product Tag - Shop & Garage

  • Floor Blade & Wet-Dry Collection Pan Combo

    • On the way, Shipping out this Month!
    • Patent-pending drain and filter for separating solid waste from fluids
    • Oversized, Heavy Duty Collection tray
    • Virtually eliminates towels, mops & granulated absorbent
    • Excellent for bars, restaurant and home use
    • Temperature and cleanser resistant
  • Floor Blade Wet & Dry – The Broom Re-Invented

    • Easily collect debris and fluids in one pass
    • Silicone blade wipes clean and stands up to chemical, lubricants and many solvents
    • Durable enough for concrete yet safe for paint
    • Quickly dries any surface for safety and cleanliness
    • Patented Y-Blade edge conforms to surface
    • Blade is temperature safe from -80 to +400 degrees
    • Durable nylon chassis in Safety Orange
    • Extending powder coated pole reaches 75 inches
  • Shopblade: Versatile Extended Handle Water Blade

    • Gentle Silicone Blade is safe for all surfaces
    • Extended handle gives extra reach
    • Patented blade clears all type of fluids and debris
    • Use like a whisk broom with any dustpan
    • Safe for nearly all common cleaners
    • Blade resists extreme temperatures
  • Utility Water Blade, 5 Inch Workbench Hero

    • Works on all surfaces wet and dry, saves on towels
    • Chemical and Heat Resistant to over 400 Degrees!
    • Use on everything from spilled cereal to metal chips and oil spills
    • Doesn’t hold debris like a bristle brush; Rinses clean
    • Perfect for kitchen, workshop, garage and bath
  • Adjustable Extension Pole: 40 – 75 Inches (6.5 Feet)

    • Powder Coated Steel Pole
    • Heavy-Duty 1″ OD steel tubing
    • Extends to 75 Inches (6.5 feet)
    • Simple twist-lock operation
    • Universal US Threaded Nylon End
    • Hanging Loop Handle