One Pass Microfiber Duster & Detailer with Storage Bag

One Pass Microfiber Duster & Detailer with Storage Bag


Save time, money and time! Yes, we said “Time” twice because you’ll be saving a lot of it with the One Pass Duster & Detailer! Use it inside or out on your vehicles and inside the home.

Quick and easy to give your favorite ride a simple cleaning from light dust and debris without water and extend the time between washes. See that? It saves you time!

One Pass and you’re done. The microfiber chenille pics up dust and pollen and traps it with an electrostatic charge to completely remove it, not push it around. Handle extends to provide well over 30 inches of reach.

Untreated microfiber can be used with or without cleaning agents and is washable to use again and again.

Includes storage bag with hang strap and care instructions.

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Cars, Trucks, RVs, Boats, Planes…     Ceiling Fans!

Keeping everything clean and dust free with minimal effort… that’s the point right? Microfiber is a truly unique material that’s found a place in virtually every household. This versatile material works great dry or with cleaning agents and is perfect for dusting and polishing. Heck, we even use microfiber to clean our sunglasses!

Our extension handle duster takes the unique electrostatic properties of microfiber woven into a supple chenille to provide a gentle touch that grabs dust and debris. It’s great for all sizes of vehicles because the handle extends to help you reach over the hood and roof. Dust your car regularly to extend the time between washing. It even works well inside the car.

The only drawback to the One Pass Duster is that it works so well around the house, you may not be able to keep it in the garage. This is the fastest way through your power dusting and makes short work of those dust-cicles that have been growing  on the ceiling fan blades since last winter.  Great for wrangling the dust off that big flat panel TV too.

Money saving tip: Don’t forget to reach behind the TV with it and clear the venting slots to keep your TV cool and extend its lifespan. You’re welcome.

This is not a wax treated cotton strand that can leave streaks on the surface, but premium microfiber chenille that uses an electrostatic charge to grab even the lightest particles. Safe on virtually all surfaces since it’s untreated. Designed to trap more dust, dirt and debris whisking it all away in just… (wait for it)… One Pass!

Duster head can be used with detailing products as well for a hassle free shine. Remove the cover and machine wash as needed to remove cleaner residue or built up dust. Care instructions and hanging storage bag included.


Ideal for vehicles of all types; Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Rvs, Planes, Buses. Use it inside and out.

Great inside the home and the most painless method of cleaning ceiling fans ever.

Microfiber uses electrostatic charge to hold onto particles and carry them away.

Easy to clean  as needed so you can use it over and over.

Telescoping stainless steel handle provides over 30 inches of reach.

Large 11 inch x 22 inch cleaning head with thick microfiber chenille.

Untreated material can be used with a variety of detailing products as desired.

Removes even the finest dust and pollen. Works like magic on gloss black paint!

Includes handy storage bag with hanger strap.

Use and Care instructions included.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 2 in
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Flat Panel TVs
  • Artwork
  • Auto, Truck & Van
  • Computers & Monitors