Waterblade Total Firehouse & Truck Kit


Waterblade Total Firehouse & Truck Kit

$282.73 $159.00

This is a very large kit with all the Waterblades and adapters needed to not only care for those sparking Fire Engines, but the rest of the firehouse too. Saves time in all areas of maintenance and cleaning. Features our state of the art silicone Y-Bar and T-Bar Waterblades.

Total product value of $282.73! Heavily reduced specifically for Firehouses ’cause we have mass respect for you folks. Heck, we’ll even pay the shipping inside the continental US! This specially priced kit is available ONLY for firehouses and therefore must ship to firehouse location.

If this kit is too much, check out our smaller Firehouse Kit. Just so you know, we’d happily supply a similar deal for Police, Ambulance and all the other fine folks who serve their communities, but we’re at a loss for what you may need. Have an idea, let us know.

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What’s included in the Total Firehouse Kit:

2 18″ Classic Water Blades for the big flat areas on your trucks
2 14″ Classic Water Blades for smaller vehicles and spaces
4 Superflex Water Blades to work around fixtures. These are also great in showers!
4 11″ Soft-n-Dry Water Blades for showers, galleys, counters, windows, etc.
2 Super-Duty Extension pole adapters for the 18″ ‘blades
2 Heavy Duty Extension pole adapters for the 14″ ‘blades
5 Extra Large Waffle Pattern Microfiber towels to touch up

What’s NOT included in the Total Firehouse Kit:
Extension poles! You will need an extension pole or two to screw into the adapters. We have some, but they are expensive to ship and you probably already have some around. The adapters take a standard US universal threaded pole or broomstick.

Additional information

Weight 10.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in

Classic Waterblades