Ice Shark

Slide ice shark ice scraper The Chuck Norris of Ice Scrapers Just kidding... For the rest of us there's the Ice Shark. A two-fisted, heavy-duty, bi-directional destroyer of windshield ice. Flip it over and the integrated silicone scoop clears debris without getting your delicate digits cold! Frost would never sully Chuck's windshield Slide Ice Shark Un-Apologetically Aggressive Does it slide conveniently in a door pouch? Well, no… No it doesn’t. But this isn’t some flimsy tool from the impulse bin at the discount store. It’s a big, mean, ice bustin’ machine built for REAL winters! For serious ice and snow build up. Slide Ice Shark Two Blades in One Unique bi-directional design has teeth that break away ice and snow on the forward stroke with a clearing scraper blade that cleans up on the pull back. Handle is placed above and behind the blades so your mitts stay dry and warm. Teeth that bite and a scraper blade for the back swing Slide Ice Shark Two Handed Ice Buster Screw in the shorty pole and now the Ice Shark offers two handed operation for maximum leverage to dig in and tackle the worst of it. Handle also provides convenient extra reach when needed. Jack Frost doesn’t stand a chance against this toothed monster. Slide Ice Shark Flip it over... On the reverse side, the integrated silicone blade clears ice and debris without getting your delicate digits in the cold. Since the silicone is safe for virtually all surfaces, use it to clean snow build up just about anywhere! Integrated Silicone Blade on the Backside

Ice Shark is awesome… What’s the catch?

We’re not making them yet. Our distributors tell us the world isn’t ready for so much unbridled ice bustin’ testosterone. They may be right, but there have been some crazy winters over the last couple years and we think it’s needed more than ever.

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