10,000 Uses #32

10,000 Uses: Something Fishy

10,000 Uses #32

Week 32: Something Fishy

It’s usually the pet fish (silently) swearing at you a million times, visibly noticing it, or a smell that let’s you know it may be time to clean your fin’d friend’s underwater habitat.

I like to believe Curly the Beta has an attitude so it’s usually the silent swearing in fish tongue. Chuck recently gave me a few of our Micro-Waterblades and it seemed the perfect fit to do a much needed clean of Curly’s tank.

The process was painless and paper towel free! The micro blade removed the fish slime stuck to the glass effortlessly and left none behind! We never thought these little guys would perform as well as their larger relatives! They rinse clean and are easy to keep on hand whenever you need em!

Curly is now happy and no longer cursing me. I think.

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